S2 Episode 5: Surprising Encounters (March 2019)

SQ_NSwitchDS_BabaIsYou (2).jpg

A lighter March brings a ton of surprises for Daan and Jordan! The Red Strings Club, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, Golf Peaks, Hook, Baba is You, Lyrica and more will be discussed across a nearly 90 minute roundup show. Surely they won't bring up Xenon Racer, right?

The episode was edited by Stephen Staver (@sstaver on Twitter). We highly recommend his services!

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Daan’s List

Swords & Soldiers 2 Sharmageddon

Captain Toad DLC


Unravel Two

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid


Block-a-Pix Deluxe

Snow Battle Princess Sayuki


Undead's Building

Xenon Racer

Jordan’s List

Assault Android Cactus+

The Red Strings Club

Golf Peaks


Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY!

The World Next Door

Baba is You

Blaster Master Zero 2